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Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance Pricing

Protect your website with a hosting & maintenance package that includes domain registration, hosting with 99.9% up-time and regular software updates.
Regular backups mitigate the risk of losing your website. Support hours mean that we are here to assist when you need us the most.


$45 /month

Fortnightly Updates
Fortnightly Backups



$80 /month

Daily Updates
Daily Backups
30 mins support/month


$180 /month

Faster server speeds
Daily Updates & Backups
60 mins support/month

Compare hosting & maintenance Plans

Hosting and maintenance are essential to a functioning, secure and searchable website. Peace of mind knowing your small business website is in expert hands.








Domain Registration
Email Setup1 accountUp to 5 accountsUp to 20 accounts
Submit site to Google
Premium Website & Email HostingFast. Up to 5,000 visits/monthFast. Up to 5,000 visits/monthUltrafast. Up to 50,000 visits/month
Web Space10GB
(max 2GB email space)
(max 2GB email space)
(max 6GB email space)
Software Updates: WordPress core, theme & pluginsFortnightlyDailyDaily
Scheduled Full Site BackupFortnightlyDailyDaily
Security & Malware Monitoring
SSL Certificate
Support Hours/month*-30 mins60 mins
99.9% Uptime
Plugin licenses
Reduced hourly rates**$110 (usually $125)$90 (usually $125)$70 (usually $125)

*Included hours per month of email support. This can be used for both content updates (requested changes to copy / photos / menus etc) and technical support.

** Reduced hourly rates for ad-hoc support, design and content update services.

Why is maintenance important on my WordPress site?

Bug Fixes

Developers are constantly working to improve their code. Continual optimisation means increased security and speed and decreased errors.


Outdated software will create site drag, which means that your site will not load quickly. Us humans have terrible attention spans so it’s important to have your site load quickly.


Security and privacy are essential for your business and your customers. We maintain SSL certification and scan your website regularly for suspicious activity.

Can I take care of maintenance myself?

Absolutely. If you do not wish to purchase a maintenance plan, you can host and maintain your website yourself. We strongly recommend you are comfortable with WordPress before choosing this option.

We will happily recommend a trusted hosting provider and provide you with some great WordPress resources.

Read our Terms and Conditions to understand this process fully.

Much like a car, your website is an asset which will perform well for years if maintained correctly. Conversely, if your website is not maintained it will likely start to malfunction. Even the best designed website will start deteriorate if it does not receive TLC such as software and plug-in updates and security scans.

Our maintenance plans boast a 99.9% up time and provide expert hosting and software updates to keep your website secure and online.


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