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Getting Started

How does it work? What is the process?

1. Get in touch In most cases our new clients will speak to or email us with their general questions. Our Heroes are here to advise you on which of our packages will best suit your website requirements, expectations and budget.

2. Personalised info pack Based on their findings your Hero will send you a personalised and in-depth information pack. This will include:

  • information about our package/s
  • examples to aid in your decision making
  • additional available upgrades
  • hosting, support and maintenance package information
  • FAQs

3. Payment & Fact Finding After payment a dedicated design hero will make contact to complete the fact finding portion of your project. Initially a written / online questionnaire  is completed. Once received your Hero will call for a phone consultation during which the finer points of your website will be discussed and decided

4. Design phase Your website is created based on an in depth understanding of your business and website vision

5. Approval Once completed your website will be available to you to view and approve prior to being pushed live. At this stage you may have revisions. Each package allows different items to be revised.

6. Go live! Your website is pushed live. We recommend making a song and dance about your new website via your social media channels.

Can we have a face to face meeting?

All of our business is conducted online and over the phone. Small Business Hero are able to maintain a competitive price point by communicating by phone and online with majority of our clients.

How long will it take for my website to go live?

Creation of a website relies on two main things: us receiving the required information from you in a timely manner, and designing the website based on this provided information. Once we have received all the required information from you, your website will be built in: 10 business days | 1 page website / 15 business days | 5 page website. 

What do you need from me?

Customers are provided with a questionnaire to complete which asks all about the business, brand, services, customers and unique selling points. You will be required to write the actual copy that you want on your website as you would like it to appear. Also requested are files and documents which would like included on the website such as logos, photos, menus, price lists etc. Rest assured that we can source and provide stock images for your website if you do not have professional imagery to utilise.

Web Design Packages

What is included in each package? Are there add-ons available?

View detailed inclusions for each website package. Some clients choose to purchase the 1 page website package and customise their package by paying for one or more add-ons. This is a great way to achieve the website you are envisioning without purchasing the 5 page package. A list of available add-ons can be found on the add-on page.

What customisations are allowed?

Our website packages use a flexible framework which guides the overall design structure of our websites. This allows for fast and flexible changes and ensures we can create unique and diverse websites for our clients. These web packages are an affordable option for clients that like the overall look of the other websites we have created and do not require custom coded design solutions. Our custom solution is for those clients who require a more personalised website than the other website design packages allow. Although custom websites use the same framework, we provide fully customised design solutions by utilising various plug-ins and custom code sections. Customers which are unsure which web design package is right can request a call back, then we can discuss options with you.

Can I make changes to the design?

Absolutely. Before it is pushed live, your web design package will allow you to request certain revisions and changes to your website. The 1 page website allows one round of acceptable revisions, 5 page website and custom packages allow two. Before your website goes live clients are given an opportunity to comment on the website text, font, colour, and layout order. There are limitations to the level of customisation and revisions for each website package, these will be clearly communicated during the early stages of the project. All changes that fall outside of these revisions are charged at an hourly rate. Small Business Hero maintains a competitive price point by using a powerful framework to create bespoke websites.

Can I add more content or pages later?

Certainly. Adding website content (e.g. changing a menu link / changing text / adding a blog post etc) can be done by you or by us. On completion of your website your packages includes access to Video Training Tutorials which cover how to make minor content changes to your website. This provides you with the knowledge to update your own website content or alternatively we can assist you. Our Hosting & Maintenance packages come with time allowance which can be utilised for content changes. Adding pages is generally more complex and something that most clients ask us to do on their behalf. Our Hosting & Maintenance packages come with time allowance which you may use for adding pages.


Will I be on the first page of Google?

The million dollar question! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a complex beast, so much so that specialists and companies exist to cater to this specific element of web design alone. All our websites are SEO friendly and optimised to get the most out of your content and images. We are unable to promise our clients a first page google ranking. Continual work is required to ensure your SEO is optimal, we recommend reading this  great guide to SEO for beginners.

What SEO is included?

We optimise the text throughout your website to ensure relevant keywords are used, and apply these same keywords to image names and ALT tags. Additionally will ensure the title, paragraph and keyword meta data (data that sits in the background as part of your website) relates to those keywords as Google crawls this data to determine search relevance. We submit your website and sitemap to Google on your behalf so that your site starts to get indexed.


Domains & Hosting

Domain name - I need a new one, can you help?

We sure can, please advise your Hero when you get in touch that you require a domain name (and what name/s you would like) and we will assist you in this process. Please note that fees apply and fees depend on the availability of your particular domain name.

Domain name - I have one, can you use it?

Customers who have already registered their domain/s can either

  1. Manage the domain/s themselves, ensuring it has been pointed at our servers, or
  2. Transfer the domain to Small Business Hero for a fee of $75 per domain (this can be transferred back to you in the future, please see the FAQ ‘Can I host my own site’ for details)

Can I host my own site?

Of course, you are welcome to host your own website. We can provide all of the required passwords to take your website to another hosting provider. There is a nominal fee of $150 to cover the time it takes to administer this process. We strongly recommend using a respected hosting provider, we can provide a recommendation. 

I don't want a maintenance plan

Customers whom do not want to purchase a website maintenance plan will need to host their website themselves as we do not offer a hosting-only solutions. We strongly recommend this option is only considered by those who are comfortable with the WordPress environment. The reason we do not offer hosting-only solutions is that without the ongoing maintenance (updates, security scanning and backups) websites tend to malfunction.

I want to host myself but want a maintenance plan

We only offer maintenance plans to websites we build and host ourselves.


I've done something wrong and now my website looks funny, can you help?

From time to time this may occur. Never fear, our Hosting & Maintenance Plans have you covered. All of our plans come with regular site back-ups so one option is to simply revert to an earlier version of your website, before the user error occurred. The other options is for us to fix the issue itself. Our team will assess which is the most efficient method to fix your site and offer advice to you so that you use as little of your allocated support hours as possible. Read our full Terms and Conditions.

What platform and framework do you use?

All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform and use a framework called Divi.


What maintenance plans do you offer?

We offer three different Hosting & Maintenance Plans to our customers. All are comprehensive however for businesses with higher traffic, particularly ‘heavy’ sites or an expectation of high content / support hours require are recommended to one of the higher plans. Your dedicated Hero can advise you on which plan best suits your website and business. 


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