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4 Benefits of Content Marketing

With content marketing predicted to be the most effective marketing technique of 2018, we discuss the importance of including a blog on your website and producing quality content. If being found organically on search engines is important to your small business,...

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Single page vs multi page website

There has been a rising trend in single-page, or one-page websites over the past few years, and whilst there are certainly many advantages to this approach, it is important to understand your options before deciding between a single page and multi page website. Set...

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Securing your website with SSL

With Google confirming that in early July 2018 they will be flagging non-HTTPS websites as ‘not secure’ in their Chrome browser, now is the time to jump on the SSL certificate bandwagon, if you haven’t done so already. We explain what SSL certificates are and why they...

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5 Tips for Modern Web Design

We share our top tips for designing modern, functional websites that engage users. Follow these guidelines when designing your website and you will be off to a great start. 1. Digestable, relevant content We all know by now that humans pretty much have worse attention...

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