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Simply put, Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic in real-time, providing data that empowers you to make informed business decisions. We have put together our top 5 reasons why you need to set up Google Analytics for your small business website as soon as possible.

1. Google Analytics is not retroactive

It is important to note that Google Analytics does not work retroactively – data starts compiling when the Google Analytics tracking code is installed on your website. Being a data driven reporting tool, Google Analytics becomes more and more useful over time. Too many times business owners we work with lament that they did not set up Google Analytics sooner because they lack historical data which would indicate customer trends and enables a deeper understanding of marketing outcomes.

2. Customer Engagement – How are people using your website?

Google Analytics has many tools which enable you to assess how well your customers are engaging with your website. The Behaviour Report suite gives accurate insights into a number of useful stats:

  • Which page on your website customers are entering (is it your blog? Home page? Product page
  • How long users are spending on specific website pages
  • Bounce rate (how many people leave your website straight after landing on your page)
  • Which page users leave your website from
  • How fast your pages are loading

These metrics give you a clearer picture of your user experience and show you how people are interacting with your website. You can then utilise this knowledge to improve your website – adjust the pages which aren’t performing and create more content that users are responding to.

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3. Conversion Tracking – are you achieving your goals?

Google Analytics allows you to set up Goals / Conversions and then track what percentage of site visitors convert to your pre-defined goal. Examples of Conversions could be:

  • Making a purchase
  • Placing a quote request
  • Request for a call-back
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Filling in a contact form

You are able to set up to 20 different Conversion Goals and track them all simultaneously. This function works in conjunction with Google Ads, enabling you to track how successful each AdWords dollar is by measuring the cost per conversion. We will delve into this relationship in a separate blog post.

4. User Data – Who is using your website?

The Audience Report section provides a lot of information about the visitors to your site. It’s all anonymous and gives you a range of information that you could use to improve content on your site, target a Google Ads campaign, or a million more uses. Some useful data you can see about your users:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Which device they used
  • Which browser they used
  • Behaviour

It also shows how the user was driven to your site – via a google search? A referring website? Instagram or Facebook? All of this information helps you as a business owner get to know your target audience which in turn enables you to better speak to your target audience. Knowledge is power after all!

5. It’s Free

The Google Analytics tool is completely free. You can of course opt to pay a specialist to assist you in the setup and/or upkeep of Google Analytics however there are no costs for the software itself. The software generates reports which can be automatically emailed to you and there are many levels of customisation available in the tool all for free.

Tech giants Google provide excellent tools to help website owners understand and reach their audience, Analytics is our number 1 place to start.

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