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With content marketing predicted to be the most effective marketing technique of 2018, we discuss the importance of including a blog on your website and producing quality content. If being found organically on search engines is important to your small business, content marketing is something you can no longer afford to ignore.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a way in which to strategically share your expertise and knowledge with your audience with the aim to build brand loyalty, trust and recognition. It is mutually beneficial for your business and your audience, providing you are delivering valuable and relevant content.

The format of your content can vary, however it is important to ensure your message and brand are consistent. An easy way to do this to include a blog on your website – this gives you a platform on which to build your reputation as industry leaders by providing insights and guidance to your audience. If you choose to start a blog, be sure you can commit to being consistent with your approach in terms of tone, subject matter and frequency of posts.

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There are many other ways of including content marketing, for example you could think about creating a short video on YouTube and embedding this on your website or publishing and eBook to give away to your audience. Podcasts are another fantastic free resource created by many industry leaders.

The content you produce should cover a range of industry-related topics that are interesting and relevant to your audience. This could be in the form of:

  • FAQ
  • How to / tutorials
  • Client case study
  • Personal opinion / experience
  • Interviews

Aim to create content that is not self satisfying or explicitly promoting your services, but think about the real value you can add to your audience. Imagine that you own a construction company and specialise in building residential homes. Some great examples of content marketing could be:

  • A blog post about timber vs steel frame houses
  • Bite sized ‘How to’ videos, i.e. ‘How to damp-proof your house’
  • A ‘5 things to consider when building your own home’ eBook

Content Marketing is a way in which to strategically share your expertise and knowledge with your audience with the aim to build brand loyalty, trust and recognition.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing?

Providing free valuable content to your audience is beneficial for a number of reasons from SEO to building relationships. Here are our top 4 benefits of content marketing:

1. Gain trust

Let’s assume a user on your website has never heard of you. How are you going to gain their trust and encourage them to contact you? One proven way to do this is to become a thought leader in your industry and publish your knowledge on a blog. By defining your authoritative voice, you are telling your audience that you are knowledgeable, confident and there to help them. When a potential customer is looking for a credible builder, you need to reassure them by saying ‘you can trust us, we’re experts’.

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2. Build your brand

The more people see your brand, the more they become familiar with your brand – this is building brand awareness. Align your brand with valuable, trusted information, and you will be on your way to being front of mind when people need your services. Use your expertise and knowledge to carve a space for your business in your market as an industry leader.

3. Drive website visitors

Of course the more relevant, searchable content you include on your website, the more you will be rewarded by search engine results. Use conversational language, avoid jargon and think about how potential customers would search for the information you are providing. It’s great to keep this in mind when writing your content, but make sure it doesn’t become the overwhelming focus.

4. It’s free

Ok, so someone has to create the content, and it can be time consuming, however once you have the content ready to go, it’s free to publish a post on your blog, upload your video to YouTube or upload your eBook.

Be patient

Content marketing is a long term strategy and will not deliver instant and measurable results. If you stick with it and consistently create insightful content, the benefits will compound and you will continue to build your audience while you sleep.

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