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2018 has so far been a year for making bold moves in website design. These three stand-out trends have proven increasingly popular this year, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Web designers are becoming increasingly brave in 2018 using bold colours, punchy typography and broken grids to communicate with their audience.

1) Asymmetry / broken grid design

Asymmetrical design, or broken grid design in a rebellion against traditional web design rules, designers are embracing this trend and it is proving increasingly popular. Broken grid design provides another way to inject personality and depth to web design, reminiscent of the flexibility of print layout.

Broken grid design is being adopted by many websites wanting to present their brand differently to their competitors. The key here is that although it may look a little hap-hazard and easy to recreate, asymmetrical web design takes a lot of planning and thought to get right. Basic design rules of balance, and consistency still apply.

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Tech Style Fashion Group make great use of broken grid web design, using whitespace to balance overlapping elements.

2) Bold colours

In a change to the long standing trend of minimalist and monochrome website design, many designers are being brave with bold colour choices. This trend allows your website to stand out from the crowd and provide a on-brand, immersive experience for the user. Brands are opting for powerful statement colours as a predominant feature in their website design to encourage interaction and grab attention.

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Franz Sans utilises brave colours to show off their font design.

3) Punchy typography

Using short, snappy headlines and presenting them with bold, oversized type – again a rebellion from the minimalist approach that we know all too well. Brands are communicating their key message from the second your eyes hit their website by using large, punchy type with minimal distraction.

Oversized type in navigation is also popular, and can be very effective on mobile but can be a bit overwhelming on a larger screen.

Woman writing blog ideas in notebook

Hourly App communicate their simple message with oversized, bold type.

As will all trends, web design move fast – by the time you have finished designing your beautiful new website, the trend may well have been and gone. These trends however are proving they have sticking power and are popular for a reason – just be sure that every design decision is considered.

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